SmartSource Elite Series

The SmartSource Elite series scanners are designed with the remote deposit capture operator in mind. The robust, maintenance-free design and ease of use ensure a positive experience for the remote deposit capture operator.


SmartSource ReceiptNOW

The ReceiptNOW delivers fast, crisp, clear receipt printing while clearing clutter from counters. Engineered to fit under most existing scanners, it combines scanner and receipt printer units into one footprint saving valuable counter space!


SmartSource Edge Series

Do you need a MICR enabled check scanner that doesn’t cost a ton? How about one that images quickly so that you and your customers don’t have to wait to finish remote deposit transactions?

If your answer is yes to either of those questions, the SmartSource Edge series is the product for you. The Edge is a single feed scanner with a compact footprint, making it a perfect fit for most small business and low volume environments.


SmartSource Professional and Expert Series

The Expert series, with its “on-board intelligence,” can process items across an Ethernet network independent of a local PC. On-board processing eliminates security risks by performing quality decisions, image security and digital signature—all at the time of capture. Conversely, the Professional series is a perfect fit in any PC-based environment.


SmartSource Adaptive Series

The SmartSource Adaptive series is the most flexible MICR-enabled imaging solution available—and is capable of scanning a wide variety of intermixed document types. Based on the successful SmartSource Series check imaging platform, the Adaptive incorporates many of the proven features first introduced on the Professional and Expert series models. Standard functionality is the unique track design and unmatched endorsement capabilities on this latest addition to the SmartSource family. Hardware expense is reduced with a device that can handle all imaging needs and redefines application workflow by employing one document entry point into your systems.