PaperVision® Enterprise

PaperVision Enterprise (PVE), the core application of Digitech Systems, is an electronic document management solution for companies of all sizes giving instant access and control to corporate data. It provides electronic document management capabilities simply, easily and cost-efficiently. Optional components of PVE include: PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management, PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow, PaperVision® Enterprise Directory Manager, PaperVision® Distribution Assistant and PaperVision® Enterprise Advanced Administration Pack and PaperVision® Message Manager.

  1. Desktop or web-based access to critical corporate data allowing employees to view documents from their office or when they are traveling
  2. Use PVE Tools to upload files directly from Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even Windows Explorer, to PVE for secure management and fast retrieval
  3. Extensive seamless integration with virtually any line of business application instantly displays associated documents by utilizing a simple keyboard hot-key
  4. Enhance security with encryption of data at rest and during transmission
  5. Maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines by giving auditors, administrators and directors documented evidence of internal controls that communicate, store, and protect documents
  6. Provide unalterable logs or databases of who has accessed which pieces of information, where and when
  7. Grant temporary, limited, secure web-based access to external users
  8. Unlimited scalability allows businesses to run the application on a single desktop computer or thousands of computers within a worldwide organization
  9. Provide maximum control over corporate information by utilizing extensive security level options for groups and individuals, which incorporate project access, document-level filtering and specific functionality limitations

PaperVision Enterprise Product Sheet
PaperVision Enterprise Technical Sheet

PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management

PaperVision Report Management features a text print stream processing engine that organizes and displays electronic reports as well as a powerfully simple forms overlay system. It automatically processes COLD/ERM data into a practical easy to read electronic format.

  1. Process multiple file types including ASCII and EBCDIC print streams bringing all your critical data into a single system
  2. Graphical file set-up makes configuration simple
  3. Process reports during off-peak hours for maximum efficiency
  4. Full text searches allow users to find data with pinpoint accuracy

PaperVision Enterprise Report Management Product Sheet
PaperVision Enterprise Report Management Technical Sheet

PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow

PaperVision WorkFlow is fundamental in business process management. It gives businesses automated document flow through business processes to efficiently manage procedural steps.

  1. Electronically organize, control and route important corporate data more quickly and easily
  2. Track the process and alert users and administrators to work items that need to be completed so items never get lost in the process
  3. Graphical icon-based interface makes setting up the workflow process easy for non-technical administrators
  4. WorkFlow tasks can include generating email messages with a document attached, providing notification and instant access
  5. Single or multiple administrators can simultaneously manage an unlimited number of teams and workflow instances using their desktop computer or any workstation with network access
  6. Email messages Message Manager captures can initiate a WorkFlow process to simplify and streamline business procedures such as order entry, AP/AR, or inventory control

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow Product Sheet
PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow Technical Sheet

PaperVision® Enterprise Directory Manager

PaperVision Enterprise Directory Manager automates importing and indexing of any electronic file from any source providing effortless management of corporate digital assets. Directory Manager works with electronic files from any source or media.

  1. Organize and index scanned documents from network scanners, multi-function copiers or fax servers as well as all types of original electronic files on individual workstations
  2. Import virtually any file type including word processing, spreadsheets, or even CAD drawings
  3. Files are captured and indexed automatically using folder names, file names or last modified date
  4. Utilize all of the functionality of PaperVision Enterprise including check-in, check-out, version control and extensive search capabilities
  5. Included with the PaperVision Enterprise Advanced Administration Pack

PaperVision® Distribution Assistant

PaperVision Distribution Assistant offers unlimited external distribution of identified files.

  1. Distribute files to external media such as a CD ROM or DVD
  2. Embedded self-contained program allows recipients to view and print files without having to install any software
  3. Simplify retrieval of offline or infrequently accessed data using self-contained retrieval capabilities.
  4. Included with the PaperVision Enterprise Advanced Administration Pack

PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management

PaperVision Enterprise Advanced Administration Pack offers larger enterprises unparalleled security and convenience. It enhances PaperVision Enterprise system administration and facilitates powerful yet simple storage replication. Integration capabilities allow network administrators to access administration functions from third party applications.

  1. Network administrators can perform remote administration through any intranet or internet accessible workstation
  2. State-of-the-art, up to the minute data replication capabilities enhance backup proficiency, security and redundancy
  3. Premium PVE components Directory Manager and Distribution Assistant are included and provide extended functionality

PaperVision Data Transfer Manager

PaperVision Data Transfer Manager provides a rapid, secure, automated means of transmitting data between servers or sites.

  1. Maintain a duplicate copy of all data at a separate site to protect information from disaster when used in conjunction with PaperVision Enterprise’s backup processing capabilities
  2. Securely transmit data between sites by packaging all files into a single encrypted, compressed file
  3. Transmit data by copying, FTP, or FTP over SSL (secure FTP)

PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management

PaperVision® Message Manager allows organizations of any size to obtain—and keep—control of email messages by utilizing their PaperVision® Enterprise document and content management (ECM) system. Message Manager gives companies the power to capture, store and retrieve all email messages in a single, searchable information management system. With Message Manager, companies can comply with government and industry regulations by capturing new and pre-existing messages, organizing all messages for immediate retrieval, and providing non-repudiation.

  1. Capture and preserve messages as they enter or exit the email system, enabling full compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and other government regulations
  2. Allow virtually any email system to forward messages to a mailbox on an email server monitored by Message Manager for management in PaperVision Enterprise
  3. Preserve messages and provide non-repudiation – verify the integrity of messages by comparing them with originally captured versions
  4. Capture pre-existing messages from Outlook and Exchange mailboxes
  5. Implement email management without a complex integration with Exchange through the use of journaling
  6. Put all the power of PaperVision Enterprise to work on your email!

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