RoadWarrior 3

The Visioneer RoadWarrior 3 is the perfect mobile scanning solution for users who need to scan a wide variety of documents regardless of where they are. Weighing a little more than a 12 oz bottle of water with dimensions similar to a rolled up magazine, it packs easily in a laptop bag and is powered by the USB port so you can scan anywhere–even when AC power is unavailable. You can scan your receipts, business cards, magazine articles, newspaper clippings and even photographs–fast.It can handle any document up to 8.5″ wide and 32″ long and convert to PDF, JPG and most popular file formats.


Strobe 400

The Strobe 400 is a low cost duplex scanner for the busy professional who needs a fast and reliable scanning solution that can be used anywhere. Users can scan, file and store all of their documents, plastic ID cards, checks, articles, brochures and business cards regardless of location because the Strobe 400 may be powered through a USB port, or via wall-power.
The Visioneer Strobe 400 is the world’s smallest cross-platform document scanner. It easily fits on a crowded desk or in a tight briefcase. With Visioneer’s AutoLaunch™ technology, the Strobe 400 automatically scans documents as soon as they are inserted into the scanner. It scans documents at only six seconds per image in duplex mode.


Strobe 500

The Strobe 500 has all the features you expect in a powerful desktop scanner. At the push of a button, the Strobe 500 ejects from its docking station to become a full function mobile scanner with USB-powered operation. Whether scanning contracts, forms, receipts, photos, ID cards, handwritten notes or virtually any document of varying size or complexity, the Strobe 500 does its job so you can do yours.