Innovative Document Solutions is an industry leader in document and information management services. If your company has an document imaging, data entry, file conversion, or digital archiving challenge, odds are IDS has already seen it and solved it many times before. Our core services can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Document Imaging

Imaging technology is today’s most advanced method of document storage and retrieval. Innovative Document Solutions offers powerful imaging technologies as a service bureau, making it easy and cost effective to use, regardless the size of your organization.

On average, companies use 400 different complex documents to conduct business. To manage this flow, more companies are utilizing imaging technologies. Whether the issue is document capture for forms processing, or storage and retrieval, document imaging improves business performance.


Backfile Conversion

In today’s competitive business environment, immediate access to information is vital. Many organizations utilize document imaging technologies as part of their strategic approach to information management. However, most imaging systems are configured to handle only ongoing document flow. This leaves many organizations wondering how and when to convert their backfiles of existing documents. IDS’s Conversion Services provide formatted and indexed image files that can be seamlessly uploaded into your image retention and workflow systems. What sets IDS’s apart from it’s competitors is we offer our document management conversion services at your place of business or ours.


The Process

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