Equitrac Professional

Equitrac Professional helps law offices, ad agencies, architectural firms and engineering firms realize their potential. Designed for automated cost tracking and intelligent device management, this powerful, intuitive solution enables firms like yours to recover service costs without sacrificing productivity, optimize device usage and promote environmental sustainability.


Equitrac Office

Equitrac Office® print management software helps companies gain control and management of their printing to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programs. Equitrac Office delivers these benefits by automatically enforcing printing rules, authenticating users, and accurately identifying and allocating document costs.


Equitrac Express

Equitrac Express® brings accountability and control of printed output to any campus, school or district, making printing convenient and secure while reducing costs and waste. Compatible with leading campus card systems and any printer/MFP, Equitrac Express provide tools to enforce student print quotas, charge for printed output and promote sustainability.