PaperFlow is a complete, full-featured production-level document capture and indexing system. It is fully automated, simple, yet powerful, and its indexing capabilities make it an ideal choice for improving employee productivity and performance.

  • User friendly interface makes training a breeze
  • The unique indexing capabilities ensure accuracy while minimizing operator keystrokes
  • PaperFlow automation performs a full array of processes that can be scheduled during off-peak hours, eliminating the need for operator intervention and reducing network traffic
  • Powerful export options transfer image and index data from PaperFlow to more than four dozen document management and imaging systems
  • Capture documents and images for a complete Digitech Systems’ solution utilizing ImageSilo ® or PaperVision ® Enterprise

PaperFlow Product Sheet
PaperFlow Technical Sheet


OCRFlow works in conjunction with PaperFlow and PaperVision Enterprise to provide text-based content search capabilities allowing users to quickly find any word among an unlimited range of documents.

  • Precise OCR engines and quality control measures guarantee that processed text is accurately recognized with minimal operator intervention
  • Improve employee productivity by reducing time spent on manual indexing
  • Search across multiple documents with a single word or phrase
  • Pinpoint searching takes the user to not just the document, but the location in the document containing their search criteria
  • OCRFlow also offers additional QC and output capabilities to other file formats, such as ASCII, HTML, Rich Text, Microsoft® Word and Excel, and Adobe® PDF

OCRFlow Product Sheet
OCRFlow Technical Sheet


QCFlow is a seamless fit with PaperFlow. It verifies that captured data has been scanned and indexed properly making the job effortless and efficient.

  • Guarantee the quality of documents by manually sorting through them or running in a hands-free review mode
  • Tag problem documents for reprocessing in PaperFlow
  • Batch indexing search and replace capabilities

QCFlow Product Sheet
QCFlow Technical Sheet