PaperFlow is a complete, full-featured production-level document capture and indexing system. It is fully automated, simple, yet powerful, and its indexing capabilities make it an ideal choice for improving employee productivity and performance.

  1. User friendly interface makes training a breeze
  2. The unique indexing capabilities ensure accuracy while minimizing operator keystrokes
  3. PaperFlow automation performs a full array of processes that can be scheduled during off-peak hours, eliminating the need for operator intervention and reducing network traffic
  4. Powerful export options transfer image and index data from PaperFlow to more than four dozen document management and imaging systems
  5. Capture documents and images for a complete Digitech Systems’ solution utilizing ImageSilo® or PaperVision® Enterprise

PaperFlow Product Sheet
PaperFlow Technical Sheet

PaperVision Capture™

How would your organization improve if you could capture and extract data from everywhere? Convert not only paper, but also electronic files to automate processes, improve security, and save money with PaperVision Capture.

  1. Automate the data capture process by scanning paper documents and importing electronic files and forms, images, faxes, PDFs, and Microsoft® Office files.
  2. Easy graphical setup gets you up and running quickly and easily.
  3. Improve data accuracy by extracting data automatically and merging it with existing data.
  4. Increase document security by protecting electronic files with encryption and multiple layers of system security
  5. Eliminate costly manual data entry by leveraging the optional patented artificial intelligence to classify and extract critical data.

PaperVision Capture Product Sheet
PaperVision Capture Technical Sheet


QCFlow is a seamless fit with PaperFlow. It verifies that captured data has been scanned and indexed properly making the job effortless and efficient.

  1. Guarantee the quality of documents by manually sorting through them or running in a hands-free review mode
  2. Tag problem documents for reprocessing in PaperFlow
  3. Batch indexing search and replace capabilities

QCFlow Product Sheet
QCFlow Technical Sheet