ImageSilo is an off-site, secure and reliable document and content management (ECM) service offered exclusively by Digitech Systems. It gives corporations the ability to access any document, anywhere, anytime utilizing a browser-based interface that provides all the functionality and ease-of-use of Digitech Systems’ PaperVision® Enterprise.
  1. ImageSilo is a browser-based interface with all the functionality of PaperVision Enterprise without the administrative burden and hardware infrastructure
  2. ImageSilo enables organizations of all sizes to cost-efficiently outsource their electronic document management system
  3. ImageSilo brings ECM competitive advantages to businesses as a simplified monthly operating expense rather than a complex capital expenditure
  4. ImageSilo’s outsourced simplicity allows valuable internal support resources the freedom to remain focused on critical business operations
  5. ImageSilo provides secure access to corporate data to an unlimited number of users within an organization allowing retrieval of any document, anywhere, anytime
  6. The system is ultra-secure with multiple backups and redundancy built-in eliminating the potential for hardware failures affecting the availability of corporate data
  7. Digitech Systems’ passionate focus on reliability results in an uptime guarantee providing access to corporate data whenever it is needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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